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Keep Sparky Safe San Diego

Candi DeMoura

Over the course of her career in real estate, Candi DeMoura has excelled as a result of her commitment to providing her clients with a superior standa...

Over the course of her career in real estate, Candi DeMoura has excelled as a result of her commitment to providing her clients with a superior standa...

Jun 30 4 minutes read

More pets go missing during the Fourth of July holiday than any other time of the year. Most people are excited by the holiday celebration,  but pets may become distracted by the festivities. Loud noises startle dogs, and those tempting smells coming from your neighbor’s barbecue could encourage them to travel for a visit.

During Fourth of July week, keep the safety of your pet in mind. Follow these tips to prevent harmful accidents or missing furry companions:

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1. Microchipping and adding your pet to San Diego database

Microchipping your pet not only provides a permanent form of identification but also ensures that their information is securely stored in a centralized database. This database stores the unique identification numbers linked to owners' contact details, facilitating quick and efficient reunions in case of separation. Organizations like the San Diego Humane Society offer microchipping services that not only protect pets but also ensure they can be swiftly returned to their loving homes.  Keep your furry friends safe by having them microchipped at one of the four convenient locations in San Diego county. Click on the imagery to be directed to the microchipping page and set up an appointment today. 

2.  San Diego's Pet Licensing

San Diego's Pet Licensing program is integral to the city's dog-friendly culture. Licensing a dog entails registering them with the local government or animal control agency. This typically involves paying a fee and providing proof of the dog's vaccinations. By doing so, owners ensure their pets are up to date on vaccinations and compliant with local regulations. Additionally, licensing serves as another crucial form of identification, aiding in swift reunification if a dog gets lost. It's not just a legal requirement but also a responsible step towards safeguarding pets and promoting community well-being. 

3. Pet Microchip LookUp

Is your pet microchipped but your unsure of what brand but you have the serial number? If so, look you can look up the microchip by serial number and find out detailed information.  

4.  Here are tips to prevent harmful accidents or missing furry friends.

1- Try to keep your dog inside--preferably in an isolated room.

2- Exercise your dog early in the day~-he'll be easier to handle and calmer overall.

3- During fireworks, keep your dog in a comfortable room. Turn on the radio or tv for familiar noise.

4- Try using a ThunderShirt-an anxiety treatment jacket.

5- Have ID on your pet at all times and have a current photo on hand.

5. If you must take your dog outside, follow these precautions

1- Keep your dog away from fire and encourage your family and friends to play with them away from flames.

2- Watch for people dropping garbage and bones – dogs could try to eat them. Place plenty of garbage bins out for people to use.

3- Keep them cool. Make sure they always have access to an outside water source — it’s the best way to keep them hydrated. Provide shade and if you see signs of overheating – such as panting, excessive drooling, muscle tremors – bring them indoors.

4- Be mindful of what you have sitting out – some foods are deadly to dogs. Keep treats nearby so that guests can give your pup a pre-approved snack.

5- If your dog runs off, call the police and animal control agencies right away!

6. Is your pet lost? Add them to San Diego's missing pet directory 

If your pet is lost you can report it on San Diego's pet lost/found web site. You can check the web site for your dog and you can also add your dog to the database.

7. Additional resources for reporting pets

Have you found a pet or are you looking for a pet. Here is a great resource to help you put the word out on the street that your furry friend is missing or you've found a pet.

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